Inner Growth For Light Workers

RISE above the ordinary

Curating retreats for your extraordinary journey


For those who are embracing transition, ready to authentically expand their ability to serve.

 Where the power of nature, community, and self-inquiry converge to guide you towards a life of radical authenticity and purposeful impact. Let’s rise together to meet the promises of a new chapter in your life.

"Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river" — Lao Tzu

RISE Philosophy

Our name, RISE, symbolizes a journey of ascension, reflecting nature’s innate ability to flourish and renew itself.

Our retreat serves as a haven for those embarking on this brave and often lonely journey of self-reinvention. RISE Retreats is designed for service leaders at a pivotal point in their lives, ready to ignite their inner visionaries and lead with renewed purpose. We don’t promise instantaneous life changes. Instead, we focus on laying a solid foundation for your journey. 

The concept of the ‘seed’ lies at the heart of our philosophy – representing potential, growth, and the beginning of something new. Just as a seed requires nurturing soil, sunlight, and water to grow, we provide the essential elements for your next story: a supportive community, reflective coaching tools, practices to deepen your service capacity and the healing power of nature. 

Your RISE Retreat Journey

We will emulate the journey of the seed in our time together and the sessions will be anchored in the phases of a seed. 

Our approach brings ancient wisdom to modern day life. Some of our teachers and influences include Jungian depth psychology, teachings of the Tao and non-duality, the power of rituals and receiving “medicine” in and from nature.


Set intentions and plant your seed of change


Unearth new insights and witness your personal breakthroughs


Deepen and nurture your inner development
~ From little seeds, grow mighty trees ~
“This retreat has truly been a gift, enabling me to discern the seeds I need to plant and leave behind as I move forward. I am also grateful for the instructors who have been a source of calm and inclusive energy throughout this retreat. Their presence and guidance have supported me immensely.”
Evelyn Luan
At first, a ‘seed’ felt like a really nebulous concept, and could have potentially been overwhelming. But the facilitation was brilliant and it helped me process my metaphorical 'seed journey' that I didn't existed wihin me.”
Mahimna Bhagwat

Come and experience your own divine nature, and feel true unity, devotion, stillness, and silence in community

Thiyah’s coaches have three decades of experience in creating transformative experiences for individuals. In 2023, Thiyah hosted retreats in two countries – had participation of people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities that came together and left with an enriching soul level connection. 


To the coaches & therapists:

We’re here to help you fully embrace and express your authentic selves while forging deeper, heart-centered connections with others. This retreat isn’t just a pause; it is designed to equip you with innovative tools for both personal growth and professional application. 

To the healers

Becoming a healer is a journey of profound transformation, often accompanied by a loss of personal identity. We honor your journey and the patience with which you’re rediscovering yourself. We provide a space for you to explore and embrace your evolving identity, beyond the roles of family and career. 

To the emerging leaders

Your story is one of resilience, carrying dreams that can be both a legacy and a burden. As someone building your legacy, the weight of expectation can be overwhelming. This retreat offers you a safe haven to shed limiting beliefs and illuminate your authentic desires. 

To the social entrepreneurs

Embarking on a service-driven path, especially after years in a profession that no longer resonates, is both exhilarating and intimidating. We understand the complexity of this transition. Here, you will find the courage to embrace the unknown and the clarity to define your next steps.


Welcome to your sanctuary of
transformation and self-discovery!

We warmly invite you to say yes to your heart’s deepest calling and give yourself the gift of climbing higher. Join us for our upcoming RISE retreats, Summer 24! Mark your calendars. 


Two Hours away from New York City, we convene in a haven, a lakefront farm, and a cabin surrounded by lush green forests  to support our journey within. 

📆  21st June – 24th June & 12th – 14th July 

📍New Jersey


We leverage the national parks and lakes of Califonia, to nurture and nourish our RISE Journey. COMING SOON

📆 17th -20th December


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Your guide and facilitators for the retreat are Robert Louis-Charles and Tanisha Jain. They are alums of Columbia University, coaches, and consultants that have supported thousands of executives and professionals in their journey towards clarity, confidence, and stepping into their full potential.

More than a sign-up

If all this sounds intriguing to you, schedule a call and share your story with us. We believe our vibe attracts our tribe, and this call is meant to see if this retreat will be the right fit for your journey at this time. We don’t believe in “traditional consumerism selling” and truly want to ensure this space attracts the right souls. If nothing, we walk away with a good conversation. We have nothing to loose. See you on the other side.

Get your invite

In this conversation, we aim to delve into your story and share ours, making sure your retreat feels as unique as you.

Schedule a Call

In the next 48 hours following our call, if we believe the retreat can significantly support our journey, we will share with you an invite to book your spot at our upcoming retreat.

Reserve your spot

You can reserve your spot by making an initial deposit. We also provide various payment plans for you to choose from. 


"The quietude has been instrumental in channeling my intuition and fostering a dialogue with it. Your guidance, through the flow of questions and reflections, has been immensely helpful in navigating my inner journey. It has encouraged me to delve deeper into understanding my true self, uncovering layers of my being, and gaining clarity on the authentic path I should tread."
While I initially came here seeking personal healing, I now realize that we are all healing one another and providing support as a community. I am truly grateful for the intentional setup of the space, which has allowed us to open our hearts without hesitation.


Consider this retreat as an initiation, an entry into a newer more aligned version of your life. You will learn various tools ranging from understanding the unique mechanism of your mind to effectively dealing with emotions through somatic healing. We also will bring various frameworks, and breathing techniques that will leave you more empowered to navigate the stickiness of leaving the old and bringing forth the new. 

Yes, there is an overwhelming amount of retreats that have sprung up in the last few years. What makes us different is we come close to where you are so you do not have to book a trip to Costa Rica to develop yourself. Secondly, our facilitators are both POC’s and have firsthand experience with what it takes to walk a path that is not conventional as a minority. We bring to our design and the space we create a place where your unique journey is not just recognized, but celebrated.

Our facilitators met in graduate school at Columbia University. They both studied psychology from a spiritual lens. They bring indigenous practices from their own respective cultures (Haitian and Indian) that they have been practicing for years on themselves. Your guides are also coaches who have served thousands of leaders globally on their path to meeting their higher version. 

If you find yourself in a new phase in your life, are feeling stagnated and yearning to make a massive shift and if at a deep level you know there is more to your life’s purpose, this retreat is for you. The other pre-requisite is to schedule a call with our facilitators – this ensures this is the right space for you and we want you to feel confident in what you are signing up for.

Though the signup process means thorough vetting on our part, ensuring each participant is at the right stage in their journey, we can’t guarantee similarity in external roles (like professional titles). However, we promise a community where everyone is aligned in mindset and purpose.

Begin by booking a call with us. In this call, we’ll cover all details, including pricing. We have payment plans available tp suit your needs. Following your invitation, you can secure your place by making a deposit.


Still unsure?

Have any lingering questions about our RISE retreats? Whether it’s inquiries about pricing, accommodation details, our experienced coaches, or if you find yourself on the fence about joining, don’t hesitate to reach out. Send us your queries, and we are committed to providing you with all the necessary details to help you make an informed decision on your transformative journey with us.”