The Magic Of Coaching!

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Hey there!

Hope you’re having a great week so far!

If not, what are the things that have been bothering you? Is lack of focus and motivation a concern for you? Or is it just you doubting yourself regardless of holding infinite potential within?

No matter what is making you steer away from your best self, there’s always someone or something you can bank on for some help. For me, it was Coaching. 

What is coaching? it’s basically studying a subject never taught to study in school or college. In simple words, it’s you studying yourself, with the help of a coach!

Coaching is an ambitious person’s best friend. 

Let’s be honest, we all lose focus. We all find ourselves questioning “what’s my purpose”. We all dwell on things which can help us witness our best, thriving self. And as per me, coaching can help you find the answers to that. Moreover, coaching can help you find yourself too, and that’s exactly what happened to me!

How did coaching help me?

Being someone who values growth in both my professional and personal life, I was witnessing that I wasn’t allowing myself to dream as big as I allowed the 13 year old me to.

Personally, even though I’ve come across hundreds of motivational videos, enriching podcasts and extremely well- written self-help books, there was one thing which I felt I needed one-on-one help with. That being – Actionable steps and tools which I can implement and adopt to reach closer to my goals.

I needed to know what can I actually DO to help me get closer to my most authentic self. And that’s where coaching stood out for me. We not only worked on things which concerned me but also dedicated time to actively find solutions to those. 

During my 4 weeks of coaching, I happened to reach to the crux of the problem which actually revolved around me not being able to prioritise myself and found active actionable steps I could take to choose me! 

 If I were to describe those 4 weeks in a small extract, here’s how it would go!  

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I’d define Thiyah as a safe space, a place to pause, ponder and be pleasantly surprised at. A place which takes up charge for your growth journey and facilitates an environment which helps you thrive. A place which believes in making self-growth accessible and affordable so as to help everyone live their best life! 

Therefore, if you too wish to get closer to your most authentic self, the one who completely aligns with who you’re meant to be, both professionally and personally- Coaching could be all that you’re looking for!