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Little Moments Create Big Waves

I have been working with several clients lately, helping them build and enhance their confidence. My ambitious clients are striving to level up their leadership

Vacation for your mind? Unplug.

Can you remember the last time you could fully unplug from your surroundings and indulge in complete relaxation? For this year’s Mental Health Awareness Month,

(Re)Energize with Thiyah

Have you ever felt distant from yourself? That feeling of being disconnected from your own essence and light. Feeling confused about where to go next.

Why Unplug? Why Now?

On average people spend about seven hours a day on t he internet and trends predict it to only rise. In a world where the metaverse will

the power of coaching

The Magic Of Coaching!

Hey there! Hope you’re having a great week so far! If not, what are the things that have been bothering you? Is lack of focus

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Thiyah presents at Columbia University

Natalia Peddycourt
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Re(defining) Success in Your Career Journey

personal narrative storytelling
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Step Into Your Personal Power

TC3 presents #selfdevelopmentspeakerseries
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Emerging as a Youth Leader - Abhir Bhalla

self development speaker series with Doug Goldstein
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Waking Up to different aspects of yourself

self development speaker series with Prince Willians
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There is NO ONE built like you