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As educators and psychologists, we noticed a glaring gap between what we are being taught and what is expected of us when we enter the workforce.


Our programs train, develop, and coach college students in the discipline of learning about oneself. Developing students through mindful practices

Step into your Power

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We are on a mission to make the privilege of learning about oneself affordable and accessible.

What makes us different

A network of coaches certified, trained, and actively practicing in the field across personal development, mindfulness, wellness, spiritual advising, and executive coaching

Customer centricity

We put our customers first across our journey from product ideation, creation, deployment, and support – we succeed when our customers succeed

Program Design

A hybrid learning platform combining offline and live 1-1 coaching because virtual environments cannot replace the human interactions Customized learning development modules for our audiences based on their needs because one size does not fit all The added touch of networking. We catalyze network creation for audiences with similar needs via peer groups

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