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As they say, change is the only constant. But the real question lies beyond this fact. 

The real question revolves around – How does one REALLY know they need change, that it’s time to level up? When does change knock on our doors? When is it time to take that plunge into the unknown?

Guess what?We might just be able to guide you if you have some of these questions lingering in your head. 

First things first, how can you know if a new beginning is awaiting you on the other side? Does one feel the need to change things?

Here are a few cues from personal journeys of TC3 Team Members which might help you know that it’s about time to leave something behind and move forward:

  1. Constant why – You find yourself questioning everything and everyone. You tend to revolve conversations around “Why me?”, “Why us?”, “Why now?”…..
  2. Something isn’t right – You constantly have a feeling of inadequacy. You catch yourself feeling “not your best self”, more often than you usually would. 
  3. Craving something more –You might catch yourself saying “This is not what I really want”, “My potential is way more than this”.
  4. Constant unhappiness –Your unhappy self is always around. No matter what you accomplish during the day, you still end up feeling unsatisfied and unhappy. 
  5. Asking a lot of questions…. change is coming way –You end up steering towards a more introspective mood than usual. You question a lot of decisions you’ve made and back them up with even more questions. 

If you resonate with any of the cues above, you are on the right path and most likely metamorphosis is on its way for you.Maybe, you’re about to break through your cocoon phase and set yourself for spreading your wings and flying like a butterfly. Please don’t give up just yet. 

We’re aware that the process will be no less than a journey.

And here’s what that journey may look like!

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If you feel you’re in a place where change might be coming your way, embrace it with all its messiness and darkness. see yourself fly high!